Flexible pricing for food suppliers

Simple, transparent pricing designed to help suppliers from starting to scaling.

  • E-commerce for retail
  • Branded store & custom domain
  • Customize fulfillment schedules by product
  • Custom delivery, pickup, and shipping zones
  • Sell and reconcile items by weight
  • Automated picking and packing sheets
Advanced Popular
  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • E-commerce for wholesale
  • Manage both wholesale and retail orders on one platform
  • Online price list
  • Custom pricing and availability by customer group
  • Detailed sales and operations analytics
  • Online proof of delivery signatures
  • Everything in Advanced, plus
  • Custom designed marketing page
  • 24/7 phone support
  • White glove training and onboarding
  • Custom integrations and workflow
Breakdown of features Standard Advanced Enterprise
Branded store & custom domain
A customized shop design and URL (e.g. shop.butchershop.com).
Email marketing integration
Send email campaigns to build a loyal customer base.
Freshline app store
Integrate apps to increase sales and save time.
Customize date availabiilty by product
Adjust availability schedules by items
Sales and operations analytics
Key data to help make informed decisions.
Manual order creation
Enter in wholesale and retail orders via the Freshline dashboard.
Wholesale ordering portal
Hide sensitive pricing information for non-approved shoppers, while allowing catalog browsing and discovery for visitors.
Custom wholesale price lists
Create client or group-specific access to custom product prices and availability.
Quick re-order for wholesale
Create client or group-specific access to custom product prices and availability.
Sell and reconcile items by weight
Sell by weight and adjust items up until the end of delivery.
Automated picking and packing sheets
Generate by service location, order type, product, and more.
Customized reporting
Generate custom reports by various fields.
Unlimited delivery zones
Custom minimums, dates, cutoffs, and availability.
Unlimited pickup locations
Curbside or store pickup with custom ordering rules.
Automated PDF Invoices
Automatically generate and send finalized PDF invoices with final order information, such as packed weights and item substitutions.
Digital invoice signatures
Receive digital signatures from foodservice customers on PDF invoices for proof of delivery.
Freshline shipping
3rd party shipping with custom shipping rates.
Online credit card processing
Pay by check and ACH
White glove onboarding and training
Email support
24/7 phone support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes - Freshline's wholesale ordering portal enables convenient wholesale ordering from a phone, tablet, or laptop. Suppliers can automate cutoffs, minimums, schedules, while taking advantange of wholesale-specific features like custom price lists, market pricing, quick-reordering, and invoice signatures.

    To see a detailed overview of Freshline's Wholesale B2B Ordering Portal, click here.

  • Perishable food suppliers can run both wholesale and retail ordering on Freshline. Suppliers can manage a unique URL and user interface for each, while consolidating picking, packing, and operations under one backend.

  • Unlike other e-commerce platforms that try to build a "one size fits all" for all industries and use cases, Freshline is specialized for the specific ways perishable goods are purchased, packed/processed, and shipped. This include perishables-specific features built to help farmers, retailers, and wholesalers succeed.

    To see a full comparison of Freshline vs. other platforms, please visit our comparisons page.

  • No. At Freshline, we don't think suppliers should be penalized for growing their sales. Thus, we don't take any commissions or service fees on top of your online sales.

  • Yes! We have a bulk upload tool that allows you to migrate all of your products directly onto Freshline. Please get in touch with your success manager during onboarding to access the standardized template.

  • Most suppliers are able to set up and launch their store in days, not weeks or months. We provide training, guidance, and a suite of walkthrough guides to help you launch successfully.

  • Freshline is not a marketplace or marketing service - your products are not listed under Freshline nor are they featured next to other suppliers. All of your customers, orders, and data are owned by you - we're simply the technology platform that powers your e-commerce and operations experience.

  • Payouts are automatically deposited into your account after a successful transaction. Freshline payments are processed through Stripe - and you will be able to monitor all orders and transaction on your Freshline dashboard.

  • Absolutely. You can choose any available URL (i.e. supplierName.com, or shop.supplierName.com) to create a whitelabel experience. For suppliers without a valid domain name, we provide a free .freshlinemarket.com domain.

  • Sign up for a free trial by clicking here. Need a hands-on walkthrough? Book a short demo with our team, and we'll organize a personalized walkthrough of the Freshline platform.

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