Customizable picklists
to save you time

Automate your processing and packing operations with auto-generated pick lists by date, customers, orders, or aggregate products. Radically reduce time spent on operations, so you can focus on what you do best - supply great product.

Order Picklist

Order picklist

Automatically generate a running list of orders you need to cut, pack, and deliver to be successful for a specific date.

Easily filter or sort orders by service zone or date range. Fulfill an order to automatically notify customers that their orders are on route.

Product Picklist

Product picklist

Generate an aggregated list of all products you need to cut, pick, and deliver across all of your orders for a given date range.

Filter by service area or dates to easily forecast inventory needs or load your delivery trucks more efficiently.

Print & Export

Customize and print your picklist

Build the perfect picklist based on the data and fields you need for an optimal workflow.

Choose your fields, customize the order and sorting, and click export. Alternatively, click 'Print' to automatically create a PDF of your picklist, with one order per page.

Order Adjustments

Adjust catch weight items on the fly

Easily input final weights for variable weight items up to the end of your delivery or pickup day. Automatically notify customers of final packed weights as you make changes.

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