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Features customized for foodservice businesses

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Wholesale B2B Ordering

You shouldn't have to deal with time-consuming manual orders in the 21st century. For decades, fax, text, and email ordering led to painful issues like employee dissatisfaction, lack of data visibility, and costly operational mistakes.

Freshline's B2B online ordering portal makes receiving and managing orders 10x more efficient. We help suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers save time and reclaim peace of mind.

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Custom price lists

Create individual or group-based price lists, with unique product availability and pricing per list. Easily assign or remove wholesale customers from having access to the catalog.

Online invoicing and signatures

Wholesale customers can access all of their historical invoices on one centralized platform, alongside digital signatures for proof of delivery.

Quick re-ordering

Easily re-order products and quantities from the last order or from any previous invoice from a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Wholesale ordering portal
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Online E-commerce

Get started with your own branded store and domain in minutes. No design skills? No problem. Easily mix and match components from our high coverting, professionally-built designs.

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Custom ordering schedule

Align your store with your product schedules with specific delivery dates and availability by item. Track inventory or easily set items as out of stock for more control.

Automatically compute available delivery / pickup dates on customer checkout, based on delivery address and the schedules of the items in cart.

Sell variable weight items

Create custom overage deposits to account for differences between ordered and packed product weights. Easily bulk update orders with final weights without dealing with manual charges, refunds, or customer complaints.

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Retail E-Commerce
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Operations & Fulfillment

Automate your processing and packing operations with auto-generated pick lists by date, customers, orders, or aggregate products. Radically reduce time spent on operations, so you can focus on what you do best - supply great product.


Track critical product, customer, and sales metrics to make data-driven decisions for your business. Review data snapshots across your wholesale and retail operations.

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Freshline Analytics
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Inventory management

Simplify your day to day operations with live inventory tracking, bulk inventory editing, and syncing with popular 3rd party apps.

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Delivery, shipping & pickup locations

Offer home delivery, curbside pickup, or nationwide shipping based on your capabilities. Create your own service zones, while adjusting delivery dates or availability by each specific location.

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Automated picking and packing sheets

Automatically generate a running list of orders you need to cut, pack, and deliver to be successful for a specific date.

Easily filter or sort orders by service zone or date range. Fulfill an order to automatically notify customers that their orders are on route.

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Simplified operations and fulfillment
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