Frequently Asked Questions

  • While online ordering lends itself to a more convenient experience for both restaurants and wholesalers, we understand 100% adoption could be difficult. Luckily, sales reps & inside sales teams can use Freshline's mobile-friendly dashboard to enter any orders receieved via text, email, or fax. Furthermore, Freshline has the capability to integrate directly with EDI utilized by hotels and restaurant chains, in addition to online ordering.

    Even for wholesale that achieve a 30-40% online order rate, they realize significant efficiency gains, reduced operational mistakes, and more insights into their business. To see a detailed overview of Freshline's Wholesale features, please click here.

  • Yes! Food distributors can run both wholesale and retail ordering platforms on Freshline. Suppliers can manage a unique URL and design for each, while consolidating picking, packing, and operations under one backend. See Freshline's retail e-commerce capabilities here, and wholesale e-commerce capabilities by clicking here.

  • Unlike other e-commerce platforms that try to build a "one size fits all" for all industries and use cases, Freshline is specialized for the unique ways in which perishables are purchased, packed/processed, and shipped. This include features built for food distributors like catch weight sales, customized delivery zones, schedules and cutoffs, and recurring orders.

    To see a full comparison of Freshline vs. other platforms, please visit our comparisons page.

  • No. At Freshline, we don't think wholesalers should be penalized for growing their sales. Thus, we don't take any commissions or service fees on top of your orders.

  • Yes - we offer white-glove onboarding for all wholesale customers. This includes helping you export your existing data from your ERP or accounting system, setting up your online ordering portal, training your staff, and supporting you during your launch.

  • Freshline will do all the hard work for you to launch your online ordering. Our team will set things up, ensure it works with your existing workflow, train your staff, onboard your chefs, and even let you do a totally risk-free pilot. Consequently, most wholesalers are able to set up and launch their ordering platform in weeks, not months.

  • Freshline is not a marketplace nor a marketing agency - your products are not listed under the Freshline brand, nor are they featured next to other suppliers. All of your customers, orders, and data are owned by you. Freshline serves as the technology platform that powers your e-commerce and operations experience.

  • Absolutely. We offer food distributors the option of Freshline Payments (i.e. Direct Debit, ACH, Credit Card), or continuing to use existing payments workflows (i.e. manual checks). Wholesalers using Freshline Payments can benefit from lower credit card fees, net terms syncing, ACH/direct debits, automated payment reminders, and digital delivery signatures.

  • Absolutely. You can choose any available URL (i.e., or to create a fully branded experience. For suppliers without a valid domain name, we provide a free domain.

  • Yes - this is one of the unique benefits of working with Freshline! Prior to building Freshline, our co-founders (and several team members) built a tech-enabled seafood distribution company called Coastline Market, scaling that company to hundreds of restaurants and millions in revenue.

    Through this 4 year experience, we dipped our toes across product sourcing, processing, picking/packing, warehousing, and fulfillment. We know the problems, nuances, and challenges food distributors face from first-hand experience, which is why Freshline is best equipped for food distributors and wholesalers.