Shopify is works best for shelf-stable goods. Freshline saves you time with perishables-specific features and tools.

Built from the ground up to help farmers, retailers, and wholesalers succeed in a digital-first world.

Built as a generalized solution that doesn't cater to the specific needs of perishables suppliers. Works well for shelf-stable goods with no date/location restrictions, but not for perishable goods.

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Shopify requires multiple apps to address your needs. Freshline saves you money with the features you need, out of the box.

No need for reliance on third-party apps to address core functionality needed for perishables. Access perishables-specific tools to help you run more efficiently.

Users need to install multiple third-party apps with variable monthly fees, installation, support - all at a cost of poor user experience.

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Shopify has no support for catch weight. Freshline eliminates manual work needed to reconcile weights.

Easily accomodate for catch weight without dealing with manual charges, refunds, or customer complaints.

Built for shelf-stable goods and doesn’t accomodate for catch weight associated with selling perishables.

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Shopify lacks custom delivery dates or service locations. Freshline simplifies how and where you operate.

Create multiple shipping regions, pickup locations, or local delivery zones with custom rules on cutoffs, service dates, and available products.

Has no functionality to implement custom geographic delivery zones or customized rules for order cutoffs.

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Setting up a Shopify store is overly complex. Freshline saves you time by automating your setup.

Set up products, shipping, and payments in minutes without needing a web developer with seamless integration with your existing website.

Requires building out an entire site in addition to a store before you can start selling. Customization may require a developer to build out your store which can be extremely time consuming and costly.

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Shopify forces you to adjust to its system. Freshline can be customized to fit your operations.

Build and export the perfect picklist based on product, order, service zones, or customer attributes - ensuring it maps perfectly to the way you run your operations.

Has no functionality to build or export a custom pick list, outside of a standard order export.

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