Why compromise?

By specializing in perishables e-commerce, Freshline offers a far superior experience for butchers, farmers, and wholesale food suppliers. Once you examine the cost of third-party apps, long setup needed, and less than ideal workarounds for perishables, it's easy to see why food businesses choose Freshline.

Freshilne specializes in perishable foods.

Built from the ground up to help farmers, retailers, and wholesalers succeed in a digital-first world.

Shopify is a generalized solution.

Built as a generalized solution that doesn't cater to the specific needs of perishables suppliers. Works well for shelf-stable goods with no date/location restrictions, but not for perishable goods.

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Freshline has built-in tools for food businesses.

No need for reliance on third-party apps to address core functionality needed for perishables. Access perishables-specific tools to help you run more efficiently.

Shopify requires multiple costly apps or custom development.

Users need to install multiple third-party apps with variable monthly fees, installation, support - all at a cost of poor user experience.

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Freshline can be used for variable weight items.

Easily accomodate for catch weight or edit orders without dealing with manual charges, refunds, or customer complaints.

Shopify has no support for variable weights.

Suppliers have no easy way to sell items by weight or edit orders - often forcing suppliers to overcharge or undercharge customers.

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Freshline is built for local commerce and fulfillment.

Create as many shipping, pickup, or local delivery locations with specific rules on cutoff times, service dates, or product availability.

Shopify doesn't have built-in support for local delivery or pickup.

Has no functionality to set up specific delivery or pickup areas. No method to create order cut offs, lead times, or specific delivery dates for specific zones or products.

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Freshline is simple and fast to navigate and use.

Set up products, shipping, and payments in minutes without needing a web developer with a template store set up in minutes.

Setting up a Shopify store is overly complex and slow.

Requires significant technical setup and know-how before you can start selling. Often requires a developer to build out your store which can be extremely time consuming and costly.

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Freshline can be customized to fit your workflow.

Build and export the perfect picklist based on product, order, service zones, or customer attributes - ensuring it maps perfectly to the way you run your operations.

Shopify forces you to adjust to its system.

Has no functionality to build or export a custom pick list. Suppliers often need to tag individual items or export to Excel to organize their deliveries.

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Still unsure?

Check out a detailed comparison of Shopify and Freshline, highlighting important features and tools used by food businesses.

Online Storefront
Pre-order items
Bulk apply date schedules by product lines or specific items. dates.
Customize date availabiilty by product
Adjust availability schedules by items.
Manual order creation
Wholesale pricing and availability
Offer chefs and restaurant customers with a wholesale ordering platform.
Sales and Operations Analytics
Sell and reconcile items by weight
Sell by weight and adjust items up until the end of delivery.
Automated picklists
Generate by zone, order, product, and more.
Customizable picklists
Generate custom picklists by whichever fields you use.
Unlimited delivery zones
Custom minimums, dates, cutoffs, and availability.
Unlimited pickup locations
Curbside or store pickup with custom ordering rules.
Freshline shipping
3rd party shipping with custom shipping rates.
Payments & support
Online credit card processing 2.5 - 2.9% + 30¢ USD
No extra surcharges
2.4 - 2.9% + 30¢ USD
Extra 2% on non-Shopify Pay
Custom pre-authorization multipliers for variable weights
Dedicated training and onboarding
Customer support Fast, responsive & personalized Slow & general
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