Customer Case Studies

On average, Freshline partners save over 12 hours per week on manual tasks, while growing their online sales by 22%. Read the case studies to see why Freshline is the best wholesale and retail commerce platform for food suppliers.

Yama Seafood Case Study

Yama Seafood

Yama Seafood has an incredibly unique operation - across ordering cutoffs, delivery zones, pre-orders, and selling by variable weights. Yama needed an e-commerce solution that was specialized to the way they run their seafood business.

Solution: Freshline’s retail e-commerce and fulfillment tools were able to address Yama Seafood's key needs in an e-commerce platform. As a result the company was able to save an enormous amount of time on operations, while hiting an all-time-record for online sales.

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Tarts de Feybesse Case Study

Tarts de Feybesse

Paul and Monique Feybesse, a Top Chef hopeful, needed an e-commerce platform that would allow for pre-orders, customized delivery zones, and product options with individual inventory tracking.

Solution: Freshline's customizable service locations opened up brand new business opportunities, helping them exceed previous year's sales by 170% in only five months.

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Tails and Trotters Case Study

Tails and Trotters

Tails & Trotters’ previous e-commerce system did not accommodate selling products by weight, multiple units, or custom increments. This deficiency led to significant operational difficulties, ranging from inability to charge customers accurately and confusion during the order packing process.

Solution: Freshline enabled Tails & Trotters to set custom pre-authorizations to serve as a deposit for Tails & Trotters’ sold-by-the-pound products. As a result, the company was able to sell more SKUs, grow sales, and expand nationwide.

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The Butcher and Grocer Case Study

The Butcher and Grocer

The Butcher and Grocer needed a wholesale ordering portal for their foodservice customers. Specifically, the company needed the ability to control access, customize pricing and product availability by customer groups, and deploy a simple UI worked on any device.

Solution: Freshline's wholesale ordering has helped replace the majority of the Butcher and Grocer's manual text and email orders into a streamlined online orders - saving them hours each week.

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Water2Table Case Study


Water2Table found that customers on their legacy e-commerce platform were hampered by the poor user interface. However, the company struggled to find a platform that was both specialized for their unique seafood operations, while retaining the ease of use of modern e-commerce platforms.

Solution: Freshline's e-commerce platform enabled Water2Table to quickly migrate their online store to a user-friendly, featured-packed alternative to their previous platform. Water2Table's customers have benefitted from the ease of use and branded storefront - while the company simplified their backend packing, picking, and fulfillment operations.

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