Make data-driven decisions with Freshline Analytics.

Track critical product, customer, and sales metrics with Freshline Analytics. Review data snapshots across to make better decisions across your wholesale and retail operations.

Visualize your sales analytics

Review your sales trends and revenue at a glance on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Quickly filter through data ranges to run your business proactively, not reactively.

Track analytics by service location

Quickly track revenue and customer metrics across each delivery zone and pickup location - helping you double down on successful locations while identifying areas of improvement.

View top performing products and customers

Get a quick snapshot of your top performing products and customers, broken down by number of orders or total revenue.

Invoice and Payments Screenshot

Transform your staff from order takers to sales people

Every minute you waste on manual orders, you could be selling to more customers. Eliminate late-night text orders and early morning manual entries. There's a better way.

E-commerce for Wholesale

Sell to wholesale customers with privileged access controls, custom pricing, and foodservice features.

E-Commerce for Retail

Create a branded, mobile-friendly online store by utilizing our professionally built design components.

Delivery & Shipping Zones

Customize delivery, pickup, and shipping zones, with schedules, fees, minimums, and availability by location.

Picking & Packing Sheets

Simplified picking and packing sheets by date, location, or wholesale orders.

Sell by Weight

Sell variable weight items, with an option to customize case sizes.

Sales & Fulfillment Analytics

Assess real-time SKU profitability, sales per rep, revenue per delivery zone, and more.

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