Custom built for
perishables wholesalers

Whether you’re in meats, seafood, or produce - run your business with powerful tools and integrations built specifically with food wholesalers in mind.

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Save time with intelligent
commerce & fulfillment

Reduce warehouse staffing costs and costly operational mistakes with an intelligent commerce platform with pre-set order cutoff times, custom delivery dates, and auto-generated picklists.

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Create and manage
complex delivery rules

Set accepted delivery/pickup zones, along with zone-specific minimum orders, delivery fees, and available products. Reduce customer support queries and only deal with orders within your zone of control.

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Solve the catch
weight issue

Pre-authorize customers to address any catch weight variances. After shipping, finalize your charge by reconciling ordered weights vs. shipped weights - eliminating concerns of overcharging or undercharging.

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How Freshline can help solve your challenges

Build, Launch & Scale your B2C Perishables Business, with no upfront cost.