Solve the Catch Weight Issue

Sell product by set units or variable weights. Create custom overage deposits to account for differences between ordered and packed product weights. Easily bulk update orders with final weights without dealing with manual charges, refunds, or customer complaints.

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Simplified Online Store

Control everything seamlessly from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Centralize your product management, inventory, pricing, orders, and much more.

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Beautifully Optimized Designs

Personalize your online store to reflect your brand and promote your products, without complex design tools. Your store is constantly optimized by our data scientists to increase customer conversions and delight.

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Deep Perishables Expertise

We're passionate about building delightful solutions for perishables suppliers.

Having built and scaled a wholesale company from $0 to $5M+, we understand your challenges. Now, we're opening up our biggest innovations to help other suppliers succeed.

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