Everything you need to sell meat online

Branded online store

Automate your ordering process through an online wholesale ordering platform. Selling to consumers? Build and launch an online store with zero code.

Built for selling meat online

Set up your online ordering by variable weights, custom delivery zones, or complex fulfillment schedules.

Streamlined fulfillment tools

Simplify your inventory management and automate picking and packing lists to save your team countless hours each month.

Wholesale Meat Ordering Portal

Wholesale Meat Ordering

Launch your own branded online ordering platorm for meat. Turn text, fax, or phone orders into delightful digital experiences for customers and staff. Save time, reduce mistakes, and gather new, untapped data.

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Sell Meat by Weight

Sell Meat by Weight

Sell variable weight meat products online, with an option to adjust weights after packing. Perfect for selling catch weight or hand-cut meat online!

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Create delivery and pickup for meat

Custom Delivery, Shipping and Pickup Locations

Organize your trucks and fulfillment by creating detailed delivery, shipping, and pickup locations. Configure advanced rules on availability, minimums, and schedules that fit with your existing meat business.

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Inventory Management for Meat

Inventory Management & Fulfillment for Meat

Quickly sort, print, and organize your meat orders in just a few clicks. Customize your meat packing or meat picking sheets while tracking live inventory for all of your meat products online.

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Learn more about selling meat online with Freshline

Can I sell meat online on Freshline?

Most definitely! Since 2020, there has been a huge rise in farmers, butchers, and meat companies selling directly to consumers online.

Unlike other platforms, Freshline's e-commerce platform for meat allows for custom purchasing increments (i.e. sell 2.5lb fillets while pricing per LB) and allows meat companies to sell variable weight meat products. See all of Freshline's features for selling meat online, here.

Why should I sell meat online to wholesale customers?

Simply put, farmers, butchers, and meat wholesalers shouldn't have to deal with time-consuming manual orders in the 21st century. Analog orders can lead to painful issues such as:

  • Employee Dissatisfaction: Reps often forced to check emails, texts, voicemails and manually enter orders at all hours - impacting quality of life
  • Limited Data and Visibility: Difficult to analyze sales/meat product trends, proactively notice customers with decreasing orders, or gain online visbility
  • Operational Mistakes: Order entry error or wrong meat product packed/delivered - leading to product loss and angry customers
  • Why should I sell meat online to home consumers?

    During COVID-19, consumers built thriving, lasting habits during a new normal — championing online meat, perishables, and grocery ordering to the point where it’s now one of the fastest growing segments in e-commerce. In August 2019, U.S online grocery sales (incl. seafood & meat) totalled $1.2 billion. In June 2020, that total ballooned to $7.2 billion.

    And this trend is not slowing down. Even after COVID is long gone, ordering meat online— will be a permanent fixture in our food ecosystem.

    How do you recommend I ship my online meat orders?

    We suggest starting with local meat deliveries, where you can start to build a following of local customers. This allows you to control and manage the entire customer experience from ordering to delivery. Using our Delivery, Shipping or Pickup feature, you can configure product availability, minimums, and schedules by specific areas.

    Once you start to scale, you can expand your meat business with regional carrier shipping via our ShipEngine integration. Meat is a high perishable product, so don't forget your gel packs or dry ice!

    Can I customize the URL domain for my meat e-commerce store?
    Absolutely. You have the option to fully white-label your online meat store. You can choose any URL (i.e. sell-meat-online.com, or shop.meat-online.com), provided you own the domain.
    I’m a farmer, butcher and/or meat company. How do I get started?

    Selling meat online with Freshline is easy. First, sign up for an account here. Then, book a short walkthrough demo, where a Freshline team member will walk you through all of our features, benefits, and guides to building the best online store for meat.

    Already have an online store or list of meat items? We have an automatic script that allows you to migrate all of your meat items to Freshline in just a few clicks. A Freshline team member will be happy to assist with this process after your demo walkthrough!

    Partner with the best e-commerce platform for meat

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